We pray that Shepherd’s Voice Magazine readers will hear our Savior’s word through these pages and that it will minister to as many as it reaches.

Over the last several years we are aware of those in the Church of God who are dealing with uncertainty, misunderstanding and ignorance of the truth. It has also been reported that a number of congregations have a feeling of stagnation, that “what to do next” is not understood and the solution feels elusive. Our instruction to Grow in Knowledge is to grow in knowledge of who God is and what His thoughts are, what His motivations and desires are about. This comes about by experiencing God in our lives and nurturing His implanted word. The purpose of the Shepherd’s Voice is to bring to awareness the truth that is already in us, and at the same time challenge some existing thinking that has blocked development.

The invitation to salvation was expressed not only in words but in the kindness of the Person Jesus is. Those who wish to be a part of spreading the gospel as Jesus commissioned His disciples in Matt 28:19-20 ought to be cultivating the gentleness that comes from above to be effective in His work