Ask Norm!

By Norman S. Edwards

From SVM – Spring 2015 – 2

March 26, 2014

Hello Norm!

Passover and Wave sheaf go together. Just as the Passover is a solemn reminder of Christ’s death for our sins and the renewal of the covenant we entered into with Him, so the Wave sheaf Day is a glorious reminder of His resurrection to eternal life. It is our Hope and what we are waiting patiently for. You can’t have one without the other. Sorry about the “Easter seals “They are just meant to be pretty flowers. I hope your Passover/Wave sheaf/ Unleavened Bread week is Holy and Joyous Love and Peace


Dear J.C.

Yes, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ should always be understood together. When Jesus said, “It is finished,” and then died on the cross, the victory had been won. He had been obedient to the Father, lived a sinless life, and paid the penalty for our sins:

For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life (Romans 5:10). Some Feast-observing brethren have historically done little to observe the wave sheaf day and commemorate the resurrection—possibly concerned that they would appear to be keeping Easter. Indeed, they sometimes fall on the same day, as they did this year. There is not a command in Leviticus 23 to assemble on the Wave sheaf day, but there is a command for the priest to wave the sheaf and to count 50 days until Pentecost (The Feast of Weeks). Certainly those faithful to God would have wanted to witness these events in the Old Testament, and to honor these days in the New Testament.

It is interesting that the truth about these spring days has become more commonly understood among mainstream Christianity. Many Churches now often have Passover meals and “Resurrection Sunday” or just “Resurrection” services instead of Easter. I noticed the Resurrection Card you sent me does not contain the word “Easter” and is scripturally sound.

That is a good trend.

I do not mind pictures of lilies on your card; God made lilies to bloom during the Passover season. Nor are rabbits, reindeer, holly branches, poinsettias or other living things God made somehow now evil because they have been used in non-biblical tradition. The job of the believer is to spread the true teaching of the Bible, not to be fearful of the misuse of things God made for good.

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